5 Advantages of Isolation Transformers

Transformer   Interested in learning more about how an isolation transformer works? Here are five major advantages of isolation transformers: 

1. Isolation Transformers Have A Lower Risk of Energy Surge 

  Power surges are problematic when you work with electricity. A surge could short circuit equipment, shock you, or even cause a fire. Isolation transformers reduce surges as they leave the power source, blocking them from reaching your device.  Fewer surges mean a safer workspace and protection for your equipment from electrical overload.   

2. Isolation Transformers Use Unique Faraday Shields to Reduce Noise 

   Electricity gets noisy, especially when high voltage is transferred from one place to another. Isolation transformers use something called faraday shields to keep currents flowing smoothly without interruption. This, in turn, lowers noise associated with electromagnetic energy.  Faraday shields, or cages as they are sometimes called, are used in power plants and even common items like microwaves.   

3. Isolation Transformers Promote Energy Efficiency 

   The same faraday shields blocking noise pollution from your electronic equipment also help with energy efficiency. In a world slowly turning toward eco-friendly policies and procedures, isolation transformers are one step ahead. They prevent energy leaks and reduce waste by keeping your devices running at optimal energy levels all day.  For homeowners and businesses using isolation transformers, you may see a reduction in your power bill compared to life before the transformer was implemented. 

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4. Safety Increases with Isolation Transformer Use 

   The fewer power surges or energy spikes you encounter, the safer you and your electrical devices remain.  Electricity is powerful, even the electricity you use to power everyday devices like your sound system or computer and gaming consoles. Imagine using larger amounts of energy to power lighting equipment at a concert and how dangerous an energy surge could be at a public event. This is where isolation transformers improve safety standards.   

5. Isolation Transformers Work at High Voltages 

   One of the great aspects of isolation transformers is their ability to protect at even high voltages. You can use isolation transformers to test the power in your home or to prevent surges to your laptop.  Isolation transformers are a tool widely used by electricians and other professionals who handle power sources regularly. They are trusted with upholding a safety barrier even at high frequencies with large and small output setups.   

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