medium voltage transformer rentals Medium Voltage Transformer Rentals Servicing Toronto and All of Canada


We offer a wide range of isolation medium voltage transformer solutions for your commercial, industrial and manufacturing process applications. Our medium voltage transformers start at 500kva. We offer 1000V transformers and up (4160v). Our range of options will ensure you have the right transformer to suit your application.

Our medium voltage transformers have been engineered with protective cages, fork pockets and lifting hooks to allow easy of integration into your project.

Specifications and Options

The units are rental ready and can be easily integrated into your temporary power needs.

Kva 500 and up
Voltages 1000V and up
Details Hardwire or Deadbreak


Our growing commercial infrastructure means an increased demand for efficient and dependable power. Transformers supply power for both commercial and industrial applications. Our medium voltage transformers are suited to indoor and outdoor applications, offering a variety of features to meet your needs.


We know it is important to keep things running smoothly. Our medium voltage transformers provide the steady, reliable power needed to keep conveyors, machine tools and other production-line equipment smoothly and efficiently.



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