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Have you heard of load banks? These are useful electrical equipment for testing, calibrating, adjusting or verifying your power source.

What Is A Load Bank?

A load bank is electrical testing equipment. Using a load bank, you can stimulate a full electrical load on your power source, without the risk of connecting it to its normal power source. You also don’t have to expend the same amount of power. The bank receives the power back and turns it into heat. A cooling system, either forced air or water, removes the heat.

There are portable and permanent load banks. You can use a portable load bank with portable equipment or as a rental to occasionally test your equipment. If you have a large and permanent power supply, then it is best to have a permanent load bank installed to use regularly.

Who Needs a Load Bank?

Anyone who needs to test, calibrate or verify the operation of an electric generator, diesel generator, battery, or other power equipment needs a load bank. It is especially important for emergency backup systems, which will not be under regular use but which still need to be tested in order to ensure they will be ready when they are needed.

Types of Load Banks

There are different kinds of load banks, including:

Resistive load bank

Resistive load banks

These kinds of load banks are usually used for AC voltages, although you can also find resistive options for DC voltages. If you are using it on a generator, it will achieve 80% of the kVA rating. It will also fully load the cooling, fuel and exhaust systems so all of these may be tested.


Reactive Load Banks

Using a reactive load bank is critical in cases where you need to test the full functionality of your generator. Well-suited for real-world simulations, reactive load banks can test inductive load, alternator capacity and additional motor-related functions.

To test your generator’s maximum load, you’ll need to pair a reactive load bank with a resistive load bank.

Inductive & Capacitive Loads

A reactive load bank can simulate inductive loads, which have a lagging power factor (i.e., current lags behind voltage). In addition, they can also simulate capacitive loads, which have a leading power factor.


Reactive load banks are best suited for testing devices and equipment that rely on electric motors and other electromagnetic devices. Reactive load banks are often needed for commercial and industrial systems, such as those used in construction, telecommunications, manufacturing, mining and healthcare.

Renting a Reactive Load Bank 

There are many benefits to renting a load bank, including

  • Minimal upfront costs
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Consistent safety testing
  • Zero need for storage

Chat with our team today to learn more about our reactive load bank rentals.


Resistive load bank

Automatic Load Banks

A site load correction uses a load bank to proactively increase loading on diesel gen-sets to avoid the effects of wet stacking. It can also be used to ensure that generators are run at higher levels for optimal performance and reduced emissions. When necessary, the load bank automatically applies load, and ensures that gen-sets reach the proper operating temperature for user selectable time periods.


Radiator Mounted Load Banks

Designed specifically to mount on the radiator of a generating set. The fans of the radiator provide air flow to the resistive elements. Contact us today for more information on these units and how they can help you.


Capacitive load banks

These load banks are more precise and functional than other load banks. Instead of applying the entire load, operators can instead apply exactly as much load as they need to for testing. Depending on the specific load bank, your staff may be able to select a load as small as 1 kWAr, or as much as the full load of the equipment. They are most commonly used to adjust the power factor.

Specifications & Options

load bank rental mississauga, Toronto, Canada

You can find load banks for battery systems, inverters, engine generators, aircraft, hydro and wind generators.

KW: 0KW and up resistive/reactive
Voltages: Low, medium, high
Rating Both indoor and NEMA 3R outdoor
Connections: CamLock


Do You Need a Load Bank?

We offer a wide range of load bank solutions for sale and rental, for your testing needs. From 100kw small portable units, to trailer-mounted 5MW, resistive/reactive, to automatic controlled. We can also pair load banks with transformers for 4160v/13,800v/25kV applications. Our range of options will ensure you have the right load bank to suit your application.

If you have questions about load banks, whether you need one, or which one you need, reach out to the experts at VCM Solutions. Our team of power supply experts know how you can use this critical equipment to have a more secure and efficient power supply.

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We offer electrical load bank rentals to meet, and test your low voltage needs whether it be for a remote concert or a trade show event. Our load banks are used to commission, maintain, and verify power sources with minimum effects on the environment. Manufactured to offer ideal line-noise isolation, ease of mobility and distribution ensures there are no disruptions to your event.



We offer load banks that can be utilized on construction sites to meet your low voltage needs. Whether it’s to keep your site lights on or power tools, we’ve got you covered. Our safe and reliable load banks will ensure your site is running smoothly and efficiently.




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