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We offer a wide range of load bank solutions, for your testing needs.  From 100kw small portable units, to trailer-mounted 5MW, resistive/reactive, to automatic controlled.  We can also pair load banks with transformers for 4160v/13,800v/25kV applications.

Our range of options will ensure you have the right load bank to suit your application.

Specifications and Options

load bank rental
KW:  0KW and up resistive/reactive
Voltages:  Low, medium, high
Rating  Both indoor and NEMA 3R outdoor
Connections:  CamLock


We offer electrical load bank rentals to meet, and test your low voltage needs whether it be for a remote concert or a trade show event. Our load banks are used to commission, maintain, and verify power sources with minimum effects on the environment. Manufactured to offer ideal line-noise isolation, ease of mobility and distribution ensures there are no disruptions to your event.


We offer load banks that can be utilized on construction sites to meet your low voltage needs. Whether it’s to keep your site lights on or power tools, we’ve got you covered. Our safe and reliable load banks will ensure your site is running smoothly and efficiently.



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