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At VCM Solutions, we provide engineered monitoring and control solutions. Our industrial control transformers provide your power system with stepped up or stepped down voltages to keep your power running efficiently based on your system needs. We carry a full line of industrial control transformers ranging from 25VA to +5000VA at any custom voltage you require (+45kV for transmission use). Whatever your power requirements are, we have a solution that will work. Our units are safe, efficient and reliable.

We offer solutions that can be used with a mix of electromagnetic devices. These includes things like motor starters, control panels and contractors, and relays. Our transformers are durable and designed to withstand harsh conditions.

Specifications and Options


We carry

Industrial Control Power Transformers
Medium Voltage Control Power Transformers
Protective & Monitoring Relays
Electrical Meters Revenue & Instrument
Current Transformers, relay and revenue class
Bus Bars, Ducts, & Electrical Insulators


Our growing commercial infrastructure means an increased demand for efficient and dependable power. Transformers supply power for both commercial and industrial applications. Our medium voltage transformers are suited to indoor and outdoor applications, offering a variety of features to meet your needs.


We know it is important to keep things running smoothly. Our medium voltage transformers provide the steady, reliable power needed to keep conveyors, machine tools and other production-line equipment smoothly and efficiently.



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