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Our distribution products deliver the reliability and performance that you are looking for. We know that circuit protection is important and ensure that our customers have options. We offer 30A-800A breakers. These breakers provide protection, switching and monitoring of your electricity flow and help ensure your power keeps running as it should.

Our Medium Voltage Switchgear go up to 1200A with NEMA 3R and interchangeable fuse sizes available. The switching devices in a switchgear allow for on load and no load switch. It is these implemented devices that protect, control and isolate your electrical equipment.

We also offer neutral grounding resistors and junction boxes to round out your power solutions.

Specifications and Options

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Low Voltage Breakers
AMPs 30A – 800A
Medium Voltage Switchgear
AMPs 50A – 1200A
Rating NEMA 3R
Variations Hardwire, Cam lock or Dead Break
Medium Voltage Junction Box
AMPs 800A – 1600A
Ratings NEMA 3R enclosures
Variation Hardwire


We offer entertainment transformers to meet your low voltage needs whether it be for a remote concert or a trade show event. Our transformers run efficiently with minimum effects on the environment. Manufactured to offer ideal line-noise isolation, ease of mobility and distribution ensures there are no disruptions to your event.


We offer construction site transformers to meet your low voltage needs. Whether it’s to keep your site lights on or power tools, we’ve got you covered. Our safe and reliable transformers will ensure your site is running smootly and efficiently.



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