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We offer full system solutions to deal with modern power demands, say goodbye to your harmonic noise, transient spikes, and circulating currents; effectively, without breaking the bank.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), Computers (servers), and many common industrial loads produce large spikes in voltage and amperage during regular operation, typically for only a fraction a second, but the damage can be extensive; insulation being the first victim which can result in catastrophic failure.

We offer load/line reactors & inductors, transient filter banks, surge arresters, protection & monitoring relays, and the most common & effective noise solution – special designed isolation transformers.

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Specifications and Options

reactors and inductors

We carry

AC Line/Load Reactors (Iron Core)
Motor Guarding Transient Filters
Grounding Transformers
K-Factor Rated Transformers
Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
Surge Arresters
Neutral Grounding Resistors
Protective & Monitoring Relays
Electrical Meters Revenue & Instruments
Equipment Testing & Servicing


We know how important it is to have your show run smoothly. From keeping the lights running, to powering the sounds, we have you covered!


There is a lot that goes into making your trade show set up work. We will help keep everything running smoothly with no disruptions to your event.

Not sure which solution is best for your power problem?

Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive line of products to provide solutions that are suitable to various applications. You can trust our experienced team to find you a fast and safe solution. Reach out today to discuss your need.




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