All You Need to Know About 3 Phase Transformers

grey transformer Transformers adjust the voltage of the electrical current. A single-phase transformer is fairly simple. It uses one primary and one secondary winding in order to change the voltage. Three-phase transformers are more complex and are able to support heavy industrial use. Discover how three-phase transformers work and why you might consider using one below.

What is a 3 Phase Transformer?

A three-phase transformer has three windings (also called coils) around its single iron core instead of the two windings as in a basic transformer. The 3-phase versions work by rotating those windings through a magnetic field. This changes the voltage, as in a single-phase transformer, but has the added benefit of retaining the right phasing and polarity. Once the voltage is adjusted, the transformer sends out the power on three separate lines, which is where it gets its name. There are some variations on a three-phase transformer. For example, they may have separate cores for each winding, making each a separate transformer. They also may or may not have a neutral wire. Without it, the loads simply have a phase-to-phase connection. There are four possible winding combinations in a three-phase transformer. Delta to delta and delta to wye are the most common options. Delta to delta is used industrially, and delta to wye is used in both industrial and commercial settings. For high voltage transmissions, you should consider wye to delta. Wye to wye is rare due to the balancing and harmonic problems it creates. Interested in learning more about three-phase transformers? Talk to our team at VCM Solutions today!

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Advantages of 3 Phase Transformers

Three-phase transformers are used in power generation and distribution. They are also used for industrial purposes. In both settings, they provide benefits that make the operation better, including:
  • Expense: Three-phase transformers use less expensive wiring, and they may use a single core. Both reduce the upfront cost of the transformer, as compared to three single-phase transformers. They are also less expensive to run.
  • Size: Three-phase transformers take up less room than three single-phase transformers. You, therefore, can save on space by using three-phase transformers.
  • Safety: Three-phase transformers operate at a lower voltage, which makes them safer.
  • Distance: If you need to transfer power further, a three-phase transformer is a better option.

Should You Get a Three-Phase Transformer?

While you can use three-phase equipment without three-phase power, it is more expensive to do so. You may be able to even convert a single-phase transformer into a three-phase transformer. Or does it make sense for you to purchase a new three-phase transformer? Contact our experts at VCM Solutions today to discuss your needs and if three-phase transformers are useful for you.