Can Transformers Change the Frequency of The Supply?

Tech at power plant

Transformers are designed to change the voltage of an electrical supply, not its frequency. Transformers only transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. If you need to change the frequency of your supply, say from 50Hz to 60Hz, you will need to purchase a dedicated frequency converter or potentially new equipment.   

Can a 60Hz transformer operate on 50Hz? 

No, you should not operate a 60Hz transformer on a 50Hz supply, as this could result in increased losses and saturation of the core, leading to a higher temperature rise. On the other hand, transformers designed for use with 50Hz supplies can be safely used with 60Hz power sources.  

50Hz Equipment in a 60Hz Market 

Although safe, using 50Hz equipment on a 60Hz supply may result in performance issues. In this scenario, it’s often more economical to purchase equipment that aligns with the frequency being provided to your facility than buying expensive converters. This ensures your equipment operates efficiently as well as prevents any compatibility issues from arising.  

VCM Solutions: Your Partner in Transformer Compatibility  

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