Emergency Power Supply Increase on a Deadline

Technician looking at circuits Do you need power on an emergency basis? Perhaps you need to prepare your building for a power outage. Maybe your project is coming up on a deadline, or you have a major event scheduled soon but not the emergency power supply to accommodate it? At VCM Solutions, we can provide guidance and the power supply equipment you need to make up for the shortfall and get your emergency power supply. However, there is a lot you need to know. The utility company will not allow you to just start pulling more power from their grid. Here is a guide on how to get an emergency power supply on a deadline.

What are the Hurdles to Getting Your Emergency Power Supply?

When you start looking into getting an emergency power supply, you will likely find that transformers are not available. Many utility companies stock various transformers, but commonly cannot get them up and running for you for fourteen weeks or more. So, you may need to supply your own transformer in order to get your emergency power.

How Can VCM Solutions Help?

That’s where VCM Solutions comes in. We can provide you with the requirement you need to get up and running right away, including resources, expertise, and network connections. We can provide you with step-up and step-down transformers for low and medium-voltage applications. With our help, you can be up and running months earlier than if you worked with just the utility company. You don’t have to purchase the equipment outright if your need will be short-term, either. We can provide you with rental or even used equipment to meet your needs. Or, we can offer new-build transformers that conform to your local distribution company’s standards. Instead of waiting for them, have us build the equipment faster at the same price, or even for a cheaper price, depending on exactly what you need. Power lines at dusk

What About Emergency Supply Systems for Buildings?

We have the knowledge you need to understand Ontario’s specific guidelines for emergency power and what you need to supply your building or event to be within the building code. For example, Ontario requires that every elevator above the first story needs to have its own emergency generator. VCM Solutions also provides generators that can serve emergency power supply needs. We can explain to you the differences between what you need for emergency versus standby power. We can also help you understand how long you need your power supply to last, under full load, in order to meet the requirements of Ontario’s Building Code.

Find the Power Supplies You Need Today

When you need a power supply for your project, and you are on a deadline, contact the experts at VCM Solutions. We have the power supply equipment that you need.