How to Choose a Transformer for Your Power Supply Needs

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Transformers are complicated pieces of equipment that are essential for your operation or event. Getting the right transformer is essential for your success, efficiency, and long-term operation. If you choose a transformer that doesn’t quite meet your needs, you may end up needing to buy new equipment or constrain your operation based on your power supply.

The professionals at VCM Solutions can help you avoid these mistakes. But, first, you can benefit from a quick overview of the things you should consider to make the best decision for your power supply needs.

Use for the Transformer

What will you be using the transformer for? You may need an Autotype transformer, or you may need a distribution transformer to moderate the current from your power supplier. This guide covers both how to choose an Autotype transformer and how to choose a stepdown distribution transformer.

Maximum Coincident Load

How much load will your transformer have to deal with at any one time? That is the maximum coincident load and a very important thing to know when choosing your transformer. You need it to be able to handle your maximum power demand. In fact, you’ll want to add 20 percent to your maximum coincident load to ensure you’ll have enough.

Compare your maximum coincident load with the kVA rating of the transformers you’re considering. This rating indicates how large of a load the transformer can handle, and the type, measured in kilo volt-ampere.

Environmental and Space Concerns

Are there any unusual environmental concerns that your transformer will need to handle? Those on coasts or underground will need transformers that are safe in these environments. We can talk you through the special design features you may need for your environment. Contact us today, we would be happy to help.

You may also need to consider how much physical space you have to place the transformer. You may need to create more space or choose a model that is small enough for what you have now.

Number of Phases

Do you need a one or three-phase transformer? Very small operations or even households may only need single-phase transformers. If you have more loads, you may need a three-phase transformer to keep up.

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Voltage and Frequency

Your power supplier brings in power at a certain frequency and voltage. However, your equipment may need a different voltage. In this case, you may need to consider stepping up or down the voltage.  This could be determined based on what power is available in the facility where you want to install your equipment.

There is much more to consider when it comes to transformers. Choosing the correct power supply is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful project. Contact us today to learn more about the transformer that you need.


Transformer Selection Guide