Low-Voltage Transformers vs. Medium-Voltage Transformers: When Do You Use Each?

Low Voltage Transformers vs. Medium Voltage Transformers Which kind of transformer is best to get you the power you need? If you’re running a large event or a small facility, you may wonder if a low-voltage transformer or a medium-voltage transformer is better for you. You want to meet your energy needs reliably, without incurring unnecessary expenses. Use this comparison of the two types of transformers to narrow your choices.

What is a Low Voltage Transformer?

The National Electrical Code of the United States (NEC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) both offer the same definition for low, medium and high-voltage transformers. Low voltage transformers are those that use between 240 to 600 volts. We have several popular sizes in this range, including 208v transformer, 240v transformer, 380v transformer, 480v transformer and the largest low voltage transformer available at 600v. We have all of these voltages available as entertainment transformers which fulfill the special needs of the entertainment industry.

What is a Medium Voltage Transformer?

The same organizations define a medium voltage transformer as one that handles between 2,400 to 69,000 volts. This would include our popular 4160v transformer. These handle significantly more electricity and can step up or step down the power for your application.

Using a Low Voltage Transformer

Low-voltage transformers are used at the end of the energy grid, typically by consumers. There are several popular uses, including:
  • Small construction operations
  • Large events that have additional energy needs
  • To support backup generators for small facilities
As space is often limited in these applications, and your power needs may be temporary, we have low-voltage transformers that are outdoor rated. You can leave them outside, and they are relatively quiet even if your event is outdoors. Low Voltage Transformers vs. Medium Voltage Transformers

Using a Medium Voltage Transformer

Medium voltage generators supply a substantial amount of power and are therefore used for events, applications and facilities with larger energy needs than those listed below. Those who are involved in these applications may also need to use multiple voltages for different needs across a large facility. They may, therefore, use a stepdown transformer to supply lower voltage to specific areas. Medium voltage transformers are most frequently used in large factories, which will also require back-up generators in case of a power outage. For these purposes, we have medium-sized transformers that have protective cages, fork pockets and lifting hooks. Despite their larger size, it will be simple for you to integrate our medium-sized transformers into your project.

Find High, Medium and Low-Voltage Transformers at VCM Solutions

Still not sure whether you should use a low voltage or medium voltage transformer? We can help. Whether you need to power a construction site or a small event, at VCM Solutions, we have all your energy source solutions. Contact us today.