Music Festival Equipment: What’s Required?

Stage lights and music festival equipments When you’re preparing for your music festival or another event that includes musical performance, there is a huge range of equipment you’ll need. You’ll find lists online that include all kinds of sound equipment, but they often neglect the electrical equipment that these devices need to attach to.  Your stage gear, microphones, lighting, PA systems, and other music festival equipment is all supported by electrical equipment. Having the right electrical equipment is foundational for the rest of your equipment and can mean the difference between a successful event and one that is left in the dark. So, here’s a guide to the electrical equipment you’ll need for your music festival. 

1. Generators for Music Festivals   

Many events will need to rely on a power generator entirely, to supplement or back-up power from the venue itself. You will need to estimate the power needs of your event and choose an appropriately sized generator. VCM Solutions can help you estimate your needs and chose the correct generator or combination of generators. 

2. Entertainment Transformers 

  Your generator or other source of electricity may not deliver electricity in the voltage that you need. In this case, you need transformers to enable you to use this power. This is especially important at music festivals that rely on sensitive and expensive musical equipment, including instruments, speakers, and microphones.  Likely, you will need a low voltage transformer. We have such transformers specifically designed for entertainment needs. They are easily moved to different locations as we store them in removable trolleys with castors. You can leave them outside as they are outdoor rated. Once on location, they are quiet so as not to disturb your guests. We carry these entertainment transformers in several voltages from 208 to 600, to fit any sized music festival. 

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Music Festival equipments on stage

3. Basic Electrical Equipment   

  Once you have your power needs met, and at the right voltage, you need equipment to get that power to your other equipment. We recommend:   
  • Distribution equipment: Switchgears, breakers and junction boxes may all be needed to get power to the right spots at your venue. 
  • Cables: Don’t assume that your venue has enough cables, or the right kind of cables to distribute power. We have low and medium-voltage cables that can deliver your specific voltage to the stage or other areas of the venue. 
  • Mini-Power Center: If you have large voltage distribution systems (480v or 600v) you can use Mini-Power Centers to bring that voltage down for your most sensitive equipment that requires 208Y/120V three-phase or 120/240V single-phase. 
Are you not sure what electrical equipment you’ll need for your event? Throwing an outdoor event does not have to be difficult when you have the correct power solutions. Let the experts at VCM Solutions provide you with the electrical equipment you need. 

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