Transformer Safety: Working with Power Supplies


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Transformers are complicated and potentially dangerous equipment. It is important that everyone working with or near your transformer understand safety protocols. Do you have a complete plan for transformer safety? Here are some tips to keep transformer safety standards high at your facility or event.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Maintenance may sound like an odd place to start, but a poorly maintained transformer is always a safety concern. Regular inspections will help you identify when the transformer needs maintenance. Depending on the use of your transformer, you may need to make some inspections daily. Various types of maintenance may be a weekly or monthly project.

If you are unsure what kind of maintenance your transformer needs, or how to best perform it to keep it running to your specifications, then you should reach out to the professionals. At VCM Solutions we can maintain your transformer for you.

Signs and Access Control

You should have safety signs posted around your transformer. Larger transformers should be fenced off from the public and unauthorized employees. Employees should know not to work on the transformers without training and authorization. And they should not perform their own duties near the transformer. Staff should also take care to prevent debris, and other objects from falling into the transformer.

Protective Equipment & Standards

Whenever a member of your team is working with the transformer, they should be sure to use protective equipment. The transformer should also be kept within the manufacturer’s standards in order to ensure it operates safely. In particular, the overcurrent protection of circuits and conductors should be set to the manufacturer’s standards. If you’re unsure what those standards are, VCM Solutions can help.

Understand Maximum Voltage

Transformers that are overloaded will experience wear and tear and may break down early. They may also be a serious safety hazard. You should understand your transformer’s maximum voltage and be sure to keep its load beneath that upper limit.

Have questions regarding your transformer or need help maintaining it, give our experts at VCM Solutions a call today.

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Grounding and Ventilation

All transformers need to be grounded in order to be safe. Your installer should have made sure that the system is grounded. In addition, when the transformer was installed, if it is a dry type, the installer should have ensured that there is adequate ventilation. Otherwise, the heat the transformer produces can harm itself and any nearby equipment.

Learn More from Transformer and Power Supply Experts

Learning how to stay safe while working with transformers is important. At VCM Solutions we will walk you through safety tips and standards that you need in order to use the power supply we’ve provided to you because your safety is our priority. Contact us with your safety questions and concerns today.